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I’m Dan Piper, the founder and main writer for ‘The Healthy Diabetic’. All posts that I have written for this blog express my own views and opinions and does not represent any other company that I work for or am affiliated with.

Any products I am reviewing I will do so openly and honestly. I will not endorse a product I do not believe in or that I would not use myself.

As I am not a qualified doctor or dietitian nothing published on this blog should be taken as medical advice. Everything written comes from my own experiences with Type 1 Diabetes, my qualification as an Accredited Nutrition Coach with Body Type Nutrition, the ACA as well as my own experiences and learning. Any medical queries or changes you wish to make to your own diabetes management should always be discussed with your diabetic specialist, GP, health care professional or a registered dietitian.

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I have been published in The Sunday Mirror, JDRF UK, Beyond Type 1, Diabetes Daily, The Real Fit Blog, Protein Pow, The Diabetes Council, The Tab, Good House Keeping, Net Doctor, The Diabetic Journey, Waterman Times, Freestyle Diabetes, WheyHey and My Weekly.