Diabetes Week: Diabetes & Training

Sunday 11th June all the way through to Sunday 18th June, marks Diabetes Awareness Week here in the U.K. Whilst the awareness of what diabetes actually is is ever growing (I for one am really pleased about this and fully believe social media is helping this massively) having real world day to day help is still a struggle for thousands of diabetics across our country.

I, along with plenty of other bloggers, advocates and trained professionals, want to use this week as a platform to give out helpful advice and share our experiences for YOU to use towards your condition and improve your overall health.


So what about if you’re just starting off with a new exercise regime? The health and fitness industry is full of information, often crippling amounts of it. Usually, a lot of people overthink exercise where in fact, to start with, it’s very straightforward. However, throw a condition like diabetes into the mix and complications can arise.

Unsure on how to start? Well, here’s a few tips.

1. Make sure you’re focused on what you’re intending on doing. Don’t go into a gym or start out exercising without some intent. Asking a trainer how to start is a good idea. Be sure you ENJOY it though. Fitness should be fun, not a chore.

2. Understand your own nutrition. Food is amazing but increasing your knowledge on calorie and protein, carb and fat requirements for YOUR body will be key. Using a calorie calculator like this one alongside a calorie tracking app like MyFitnessPal can be a very useful starting point. I’m not saying you need to track every crumb of food, but knowing how to properly fuel your body and carb counting has been the biggest success for me and my nutrition.

3. Insulin. Work out how to time your medication around your workouts. This may be tricky at first so learn to recognise patterns alongside what exercise you’re doing. There will be spikes, lows, confusing sugars to start with. This is common, don’t get too worried and disheartened. The more information you can gather so you can see what works and what doesn’t – the better.

4. How do you react to exercise?

Test. Test. Test. Record. Learn. Adjust. Utilise.

Until next time,




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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

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