#DBlogWeek – Why I #DBlog

There are a number of reasons those of us who blog about our diabetes start.

For me, there were various reasons. But the big one that stood head and shoulders above the rest?

To connect.

To know that what I was experiencing wasn’t unusual. To share my story and to know that other people could relate, give advice or just say “yes, me too!”.

It’s a fantastically powerful tool. To know that I’m not alone.

Because diabetes can be a very lonely disease. I’m constantly frustrated at mis-information in the media and having to (almost) justify my auto-immune condition. That it’s not down to poor lifestyle choice, that I haven’t inflicted this on myself. It wasn’t anything I could control, no matter what I could have done.

To have to justify WHY I have Type 1 Diabetes is incredibly…frustrating, dis-heartening, annoying *insert appropriate adjective here*. I’m sure anyone who reads this can put their own unique word in.

So to be able to write freely about my life with diabetes to an audience that COMPLETELY gets it – it’s amazing. It’s almost liberating. Because YOU get it. You do. I know that the few paragraphs I’ve just written above you’ll understand. And that’s really amazing to me. It gives me the confidence to write.

It also gives me the confidence I need with this condition/ illness/ disease. You pick your terminology based on your own mindset (I believe we have bigger problems than terminology for anyone who wishes to argue either way). If there’s a question I have – I ask the Diabetes Online Community (#doc) or I read other diabetes blogs and the answer is ALWAYS there. It is. Someone out there has been through something similar and can give a answer. Some answers can be different, but making an informed choice about how it effects MY diabetes is a good confidence builder.

And that’s why I think all diabetics should blog.

Just to talk. Even if it’s to someone who you’ve no idea exists. Because there’s plenty of experiences we all have and I know that I’ve just rambled on here at times and someone has picked something out of it and used it with their day to day management and emailed or DM’ed me personally thanking them for it. Even if it’s something small – it can prove to be a lightbulb moment, however insignificant or routine you may think it is.

Everyone has their own story to tell. Their own experiences. Their own nightmare stories and their own tales of how they overcame their fears to achieve something awesome.

That’s why I think everyone should #dblog.


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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

One thought on “#DBlogWeek – Why I #DBlog

  1. Dear Dan, you’re so right! Diabetes is, indeed, easily a lonely and frustrating disease. I laugh suddenly because, as I write ‘lonely’, my smartphone changes that word for ‘lovely’. How ironic! 🙂

    I particularly agree when you write:

    ” That it’s not down to poor lifestyle choice, that I haven’t inflicted this on myself. It wasn’t anything I could control, no matter what I could have done”

    Personally, before even bothering with what all the others might say or think, it was even hard to understand this for myself. I used to be in such great control of much everything in my life for the past 20 years or so, including my health and my weight, and I wasn’t used to be doing something and not having the expected results. And now, with Diabetes, no matter what I was doing or not doing, I had less and less control over my health and body, all of this with, always, somewhere in my mind, the more or less conscious specter of my father deceased at 49 in 1994 from many complications of type 1 Diabetes amputation of both legs, kidney failure and dialysis, etc.)…it was haunting, dreaming, humbling and a big source of anxiety, frustration and almost shame. And more and more as years passed by, so from the end of 2013, when my Diabetes started to get complicated and problematic, until the beginning of 2016. Last year, first, I asked my family doctor to refer me to a health program at some health centre. It’s there that a nutritionnist said THE words I needed to hear to stop feeling guilty and ashamed for not “being in control”. She explained that it was normal that our Diabetes changes over the years and that we’re not guilty of anything, that most of the time, there comes a time that we all need medicines, insulins, etc.

    It’s strange because I knew that…but for the others! It’s like, for me, I needed a professional to tell me the same thing for me to understand that the same principle applied to me too. That I was not guilty of anything! It was such a first and much needed relief after a 3 years of anxiety, frustration, shame, loneliness and struggle! I guess I’m naturally hard on myself, and it’s perhaps something you can relate to?

    From that point, I knew what I had to do, which was to ask to be referred to an endocrinologist. That’s what happened in the Summer of 2016 and the insulin plan started…A new life too and many things to learn! I’m still learning!

    But at least, now, I’m much better. My last result (hémoglobine glyquée…I don’t know how to say that in English) was 6.2% and I’ll be followed only every 6 months (which is the standard here for type 1 when the disease is understand control) because of that. It used to be every 2 months! All the rest, eyes, blood pressure and circulation, weight, etc. is good too for now, though I’m aware that it’s a day to day battle for life! As for my daily 4 blood sugar tests, well, it’s quite good, generally speaking. After many months of learning and adjusting, It goes pretty well for food/carbs count vs insulin. It’s rather my stress level, now, that is still to be worked on because it is now more this than food that impacts on my blood sugar, usually. Well, anyway, it’s a work in progress, with constant highs and lows, no pun intended! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your own experience and everything, Dan. Indeed, it helps a lot. And for your complete honesty! If there’s something that I dislike in people, it’s false pretend and so-called “perfection”! But you’re surely the complete opposite! Thanks for that too.

    Au plaisir d’échanger à nouveau!



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