Good Blood Glucose Management: What’s the Point? The Short Term…

Taking care of diabetes is really just an ongoing clusterf*ck of small sacrifices, costs, mental efforts and time commitments. It means trying to control your body after it’s royally stuffed you and managing a beast that is just waiting to ruin your day from a little to mammoth proportions.

It’s hard work. And usually a complete thankless task.

I get it. Yes the doctors and specialists all say that you’ve got to stay on top of your blood glucose management in order to control your diabetes but sometimes you just can’t be bothered.

No wonder. Who would voluntarily prick their finger a few times a day and then continue to inject themselves with a drug that if not administered correctly could kill you?

I know I’ve fallen into that category. Usually after a check up or a visit to my specialist I’m full of motivation to get my HbA1c to near God-like levels of awesomeness and have total control of my diabetes rather than it have control of me.

But then there are days where the world is against you and everything else is taking priority and stabbing yourself just doesn’t come high up the list of things to do.

All fun and games isn’t it?

The reality is that the short and long term benefits really do outweigh all the complications that could be faced some point down the road.

This blog post in particular will focus on the short term benefits with the longer term benefits discussed at a later date!

So what is the point? I know it’s tough sometimes but hear me out. There are immediate benefits to doing all of this non-paid thankless constant work (I promise).

1) Increased Energy:

Numero Uno. You’ll just feel better, more…alive, energetic, active – pick one. If your glucose levels are high it’ll reduce your energy levels and you’ll most likely feel sluggish. Get them under control and usually you’ll feel a distinct improvement.

2) Better Sleep:

Now who doesn’t love a good nights sleep?! For me I’ll know the second I wake up if my levels have been high over night because I’ll feel like I could sleep for another 6 hours and do not want to get out of bed. Poor control increases poor appetite control the next day, reducing your energy levels and can keep you up in the night needing the bathroom.

If you want some good Zzz’s…get those levels controlled.

3) You’ll Look Better Naked:

Ok I can’t promise this one will get you cover model levels of attractiveness but better control for those of us who workout, train and/ or partake in physical activity will find improvement in strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. Too much sugar in the bloodstream limits the body in it’s movement. Slowing you down, reducing range of motion, increasing risk of injury and causing you to get tired quicker. Improving the amount of sugar in your blood stream will make you a better athlete/ sportsmen/ gym goer/ runner etc. and for that – you’ll look great in that new underwear!

4) Control Of Your Appetite:

So this could seem backwards to some but high blood sugar levels can sometimes make us crave carbohydratey goodness. It’s not how much sugar in our blood steam it’s how it gets to our cells that’s important. Too much the sugar can literally stick in places our body can’t use it and our hunger levels increase.

5) Less Time Off Sick:

Bacteria and viruses are like a kid in a candy store when it comes to high blood sugar (see what I did there?!). The higher the sugars in our blood the more susceptible we are to becoming ill as it’s a perfect little orgy for all those infections to spread across your body. There is plenty of research to show that those with better control take fewer days off sick. And no-one likes being ill.

6) You’ll Be Less Crazy:

The best people, they’re a little bit nuts. However, it’s always best to keep it ever so slightly under control. Better blood sugar management allows you to think clearer, make better, smarter decisions and stop our moods from swinging around constantly. Bad management can lead to us becoming more negative, irritable and generally quite impatient.

7) Better Skin & Gums:

This is an instant tell for me if my sugars have been high for too long – my skin breaks out like a 14 year old boys. High sugar levels make our skin dry, cracked, uncomfortable and breaks down our first defense system against infections. High levels also increase the amount of plaque build up in our mouths.

Hope that helps!

I’ve also set up a new snapchat account for those of you who want daily tips on nutrition, diabetes management, recipes or just see me wandering around living my life as a diabetic!

Username: healthytypeone


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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

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