Nutrition Is Simple

So it’s been about a month since I’ve produced a proper blog post – apologies – it’s been manic what with work, being away with the girlfriend and trying to keep on top of things. But I’ve made a commitment to blog at least twice a week from now on. There’s a lot I want to accomplish via this blog and there’s a lot of work going on to try and make this as successful as it can be.

I’m working on a complete re-design of the website and various other social media outlets to try and increase awareness of what it’s actually like living with diabetes!

I thought I’d come back talking about what I consider to be basics of nutrition. A light read as it’s only a Monday morning and even at 8am as I’m writing this it’s still a little gloomy.
To be honest it’s actually fairly simple to have a good diet and nutrition can be really easy. Unfortunately, the amount of new diets in loads of glossy magazines or in the media can seem like it’s really complicated.
Getting a good base for your diet is key to trying to manage your blood sugar levels as best you can. Focus more on the basics. The basics make up 90% of it all. The other 10% is fine tuning and is the stuff that’s written about the most.
Below I’ve written the 10 most important factors I think everyone, diabetic or not, should pay attention to in order to hit that 90%
1) Drink plenty of clean fluids – so water, green tea.
2) Plenty of single ingredient, natural foods – this should make up 80-90% of your diet.
3) Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.
4) Getting an adequate amount of protein sources into your diet.
5) Have a good understand of your calories in and calories out and what you require daily to meet your goals.
6) If a food is causing you a reaction, be aware of it and try and avoid it as best you can.
7) Getting plenty of those zzz’s. You should be aiming for 7-8 hours per night.
8) Dealing with stress – whether it be physical or mental – make sure you’re on top of it.
9) Exercising 3-4 times a week to keep you fit and healthy.
10) Having a few supplements to cover the areas of your diet that are lacking slightly – i.e. fish oil, vitamin D, a good multi-vitamin.
That’s it. I’ll be delving more into some of these 10 points over the coming weeks to give a little more insight into them!
Happy Monday all!

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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

2 thoughts on “Nutrition Is Simple

  1. Hi there!!

    I'm a fairly new reader and I'm loving your blog.

    I'm also type 1 diabetic and have been for 7 years now, I'm also a huge lover of nutrition and lifting weights.. Your blog is bloody awesome!
    I've never followed anyone like you before who is really fighting off the diabetic myths within the health industry!

    Keep up the good work man!



  2. Hi Bea,

    That's incredibly kind of you thank you so much!!

    Plenty of more work going on to make this site bigger and better so I'm very happy to have you as a new reader!! 🙂

    Hope all is well! Dan


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