Awesome Double-Chocolate Proats

I do love carbs.

“Oh no a diabetic eating carbs…..!” Yeah, amazingly we can do that!

I like to workout first thing in the morning which means I need to fuel up before I do so! I have around 75 minutes from when I crawl out of bed to when I’m loading up the barbell with the first weighted plates.

I actually respond well to carbs, my body likes them. But porridge is dull and I’m not even going to get started on the lack of nutritional value in cereal.

So I wanted to introduce you guys to my favourite Proats recipe from the guys at Train Eat Gain. Proats = Protein + Oats. Simple. The wonderful dual chocolate bonanza comes from chocolate flavoured whey protein and 85% dark chocolate.

So you get a good healthy source of protein, carbs and fats all in one meal! I then top it with nut butter (usually Nuts N More…drool…) and some frozen berries!

Macros (approximately):
Calories: 790
Protein: 51g
Carbs: 73g
Fats: 32g

You can alter the recipe as you like to take away carbs, fats or calories. What you’ll want to make sure is that for every 1 unit of oats you use you use 3-3.5 units of milk. Simple.

Ingredients (Serves 1 -2):

– 100g Rolled Oats.
– 300-350ml Unsweetened Almond Milk.
– 1 Scoop Chocolate Flavoured Protein Powder – I use this from Bulk Powders currently as it’s fairly cheap and decent marcos. Usually I get my supplements from Genetic Supplements.
– 2 Squares (around 20g) 85% Dark Chocolate.
– 1 tbsp (around 15g) Nut Butter.
– Frozen Berries.

1) Put the oats and almond milk in a microwaveable bowl and throw it in the microwave for around 1 minute 30 seconds at 900W (around 2 minutes if your microwave only goes to 700W).



2) Get the bowl out, give it all a stir and chuck it back in for another minute.

3) Take it out again and then mix and stir in the whey protein. If the oats are a little dry – add a bit more milk. Too wet, put them back in the microwave a while longer.

4) Whack in the dark chocolate squares and stir them in until they’re all melted. (I’m starting to get hungry just writing this).


5) Top with your nut butter and frozen berries and tuck in! Nom nom.




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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

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