WheyHey Ice-cream

Being diabetic is sometimes (read always) very annoying – purely for the fact that we aren’t “supposed” to have treats – although let’s be honest, we all do – what’s a bit more insulin eh?

I’m always being asked by Type 0’s (non-diabetics) what treats I can and cannot have. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t got a massively sweet tooth. I like to indulge every now and again but nothing overly major.

But I do LOVE ice-cream. I’ve got a real soft spot for it. They often say that if it’s too good to be true – it usually is – but in WheyHey’s case – they’ve cracked it. Especially for us diabetics.

WheyHey is a company I’ve been following for a couple of years now and there is always a healthy supply in my freezer. It’s very high in protein making in an excellent little post workout treat.
There are four flavours. Strawberry, Chocolate, Banoffee and Vanilla. They’re all delicious (you can barely notice that this isn’t your usual sugar laden stuff) and the best part is, check out the carbs and sugars. Virtually non-existent.

With each 150ml serving you’ll receive an awesome 21.00g of whey protein and less than 1.00g of sugar!

Plus, even though they’re made with whole cream, the Wheyhey team have kept the fat content down to just 4.00g per serving.

These tasty ice creams are even a great source of fibre (4.00g per 100ml), contain only 150 calories and are gluten free too! Wonderful eh?

Here’s a little bit from their website:

“…and all our products are suitable for diabetics. We use a natural sweetener called Xylitol in all our flavours. Xylitol is a derivative of tree bark and it’s what you find in sugarfree gum and toothpaste.

You won’t get any nasty sugar spikes with Wheyhey – our delicious protein ice cream helps keep your blood sugar levels stable by slowing the absorption of glucose into the blood stream.

All very technical ☺

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our ice cream tastes delicious whilst being free of sugar, additives and body damaging chemicals. Going sugar free is easier – and tastier – than you think!”

I get mine from Ocado and Musclefood websites. Just click on the names to be redirected to their site. They’re a little bit more expensive that the regular stuff you’ll find down your local supermarket so it isn’t something you can have every day – but in this warm weather whilst trying to be a good healthy diabetic I’m always happy to spend that little bit extra.

Check them out!


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Dan has been a Type 1 Diabetic since November 2011 and writes about his experiences living with two autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis), nutrition, exercise and living an overall healthier life on his blog and via his social media platforms.

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